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Though it is under development product, we would like to demonstrate AnaForex to our visiter, client and well wisher.

AnaForex is tool for analysis of historical data. It has many inbuilt utilities (like basic annotation, Fibonacci annotation and many more) which are very much helpfull to analys market or statistical data. Technologywise it has many components that one can't find in any other Java Application. . It listens on user defined port (AnaReciever), and user can create own client and can send live feeds to AnaForex. AnaReciever accepts TAB separated value and it ends by NEW LINE character. Values are interpreted in following format : TABNAME, HIGH, OPEN,LOW,CLOSE,VOLUMN. Also one can import file (Listed at bottom of the page) in AnaForex and can evaluate our product.

AnaForex has ability to show many well-known charts, like Simple Moving Average(SMA), Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Bollinger Bands, standard deviation and many more. You can get these chart data in DataTable of application. User can export that chart result to CSV or EXCEL file.

































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