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Mass File Handler

Mass File Handler can visit file structure including archive files (Zip and Jar) and finds out interested file. There are 2 application under this project. MVO (Mass mover) and MCO (Mass Converter). MVO moves files from MFH to desire location. MCO have one more step and specific to image files. It converts images to desire size and type. After doing all these task it also generates report and you can save it somewhere.User might thinking what is difference between these tools and other available in market. Yes, there is significant difference. First, it can traverse through archive (zip and jar) files. Second is, it take care of duplicate names. It simply append incremented number at end if there are any duplicate entry.

Mass Mover (MVO)

Mass Converter (MCO)

Download Link : www.softcrop.com/mass/mvo.jnlp and www.softcrop.com/mass/mco.jnlp
























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