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Component Library

We have many reusable component like FontChooser, DatePicker, Advanced TabbedPane, Advanced SplitPane, Advance Table (Sort,Filter, Group), JTile Pane etc.., We would like to demostrate it.

Advanced Table : Java provides very good set of component and JTable is one of them but JTable have many limititation and is missing few advanced functionalities, like Column size adjustment, Hide/Show Column Control, Row Filtering, Row sorting, Row Grouping, Column Grouping, Multiline Cell renderer, Sparse Table and Row Number Header which are very easily found in many visualization problem. To solve this problem many companies and developer have put their lots of effort and money but not found any standard tool. Here their search ends. SoftCrop have full flaged Utilitiy classes to support all above functionality.

Advanced Tabbed Pane : This Tabbed Pane have Toolbar in Tabbed Area. User can place context specific action or widgets over there. User can also drag and rearrange TabbedPane. User can also rename the tabbed Pane. If few tabes are unvisible then user can show Menu in Toolbar to show up small list of unvisible tab. User can close the tab.

Other Components : JFontChooser, DateTimeChooser, InputDialog, ItemSelector(checkbox), ItemSelector(move one list to other list), CrossMapping, ImageRoller, DirectoryChooser, LoginDialog, PasswordChangeDialog, AgreementDialog, Splash Screen, JTile View, Advance SplitPane (contentpane in divider), Advanced OptionPane having easy message wrapping and copiable message, Avanced Desktop Manager where title will disappear when any internal frame is meximized.

Note : These components are not placed for sale. We only wants to demostrate our ability to deliver industry standard solution to our client.

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