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This page is a collection of samples/demo showing what developer of softcrop have developed. The intent is to demonstrate SoftCrop's capabilities. Some of the demoes and samples can be used as indipendent utility withought any license. It also shows our welfare commitment to international society.


MyChildLearns (MLC)

MLC is not just demo to show our efficiency but also small product/utility for those parent whose kids are just entered in primary education...... <know more>








SoftPen is simple drawing pad for kids. It is playable, means child can animate its drawing just pressing play button. It made so simple that 3 year old kid can use it. Software provides various way to export/save drawing. It also have various grid (backgrounds) to virtualize notebook......... <know more>




Anaforex is simple History data analysing tools, it provides various decorative tool above the history charts so user can forcast some simple calculation. It has simple plugin which fetch data from yahoo finance for varioius market..........<know more>






Component Library
We have many reusable component like FontChooser, DatePicker, Advanced TabbedPane, Advanced SplitPane, Advance Table (Sort,Filter, Group).....<know more>


Mass File Handler
Mass File Handler can visit file structure including archive files (Zip and Jar) and finds out interested file. There are 2 application under this project. MVO (Mass mover) and MCO (Mass Converter). MVO moves files from MFH to desire location. MCO have one more step and specifi..........<know more>









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